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UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by jourianbax. It was uploaded on June 7, 2012. The project aims to have a Ultimate Collector Series-scale Venator Star Destroyer released by LEGO; the. MOC - UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer Browse MOCs MOCs by Jorstad Designs, LLC MOC-6257 × UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer FOLLOWERS 308 FOLLOW LIKES 444 LIKE MOC Model details:-3,625 Lego bricks. Model Description: Opening hangar bay doors – not found on any other Venator model! Scale Republic Blockade Runner Custom display plaque Instructions format: Initial Instructions Files - The build is split into eleven build stages. Hello everybody, I have been dealing with assembling the Venator over the last few days. Basically, you can not really use the instructions of Anio, because the construction is diverging in some points. Furthermore, I had to make.

UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer jourianbax BD-Tank Mech Imperial Outpost Mercury Class Interceptor - UCS Size Spaceship Soldier Imperial Golden Fort 77 Share Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback. At a whooping bricks, the and Lego Venator Class Star Destroyer could actually kill you without even firing one of its fake turbolaser. Star Wars HQ added a new photo. This is an 8-foot, 180-lb Venerator Class Star Destroyer.

Greetings Star Wars fans!! This is my custom scale UCS Lego Venator-Class Star Destroyer model. Weighing in at 3,656 Lego bricks, this model is roughly 30. The Venator-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Venator-class Destroyer, Republic attack cruiser, and later Imperial attack cruiser, was one of the capital ships used extensively by the Galactic Republic during the later parts of.

04.01.2015 - Der VENATOR ist fertig! LEGO UCS Venator by SeTechnic Nach vier Monaten des Sammelns und Bauens ist er endlich fertig. Mit 5414 Teilen und einer Größe von 112 X 56 cm definitiv mein größtes Projekt ever. Ganz. [Sorgente] Lo Star Destroyer classe Venator, detto anche Incrociatore pesante classe Venator o Incrociatore d'attacco Repubblicano, oppure noto anche col nomignolo di Incrociatore Jedi ormai obsoleto al tempo dell'Impero, era la. A Star Destroyer was a dagger-shaped type of capital ship that were used by the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the First Order. Notable examples of Star Destroyers include the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and its.

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